Nestlé Waters

We believe clean, high quality water is critical to human and environmental health.

There are growing concerns around the world about people’s access to safe, clean water. Many populations already face this challenge, and without a commitment to water stewardship, the issue will likely be exacerbated. Knowing how essential water is to human health and our planet’s ecosystems, Nestlé Waters has three long-term goals to advance our commitment to water.

To help move us in this direction, we have set the following goals:

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We recognize that good water resource management begins with how we select our spring sources, and continues in our approach to managing the source sustainably and protecting watersheds.

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People need safe, quality water. They also deserve to know where their bottled water comes from, the process involved to ensure quality, and what’s in their water.

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Today, we get twice the calories from beverages as a generation ago. In light of the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic, promoting healthy hydration is critical. We are also educating young people through school programs about water stewardship.

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