Nestlé Waters

We will be a positive force in local communities, providing long-term mutual value.

Providing good jobs, supporting local businesses, paying local taxes, and offering our expertise in water resource management are some of the ways we create shared value in our local communities. Essential to this is being willing to listen and understand the concerns and needs of the local community. Our commitment is to sustain strong community relationships built on trust and continue to operate in ways that benefit both the community and the company.

To advance our commitment, we have set three long-term goals:

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We strive to create a positive environment for our employees, provide competitive compensation and benefits, and engage our employees to ensure job satisfaction and long-term retention. We believe that diversity can spark innovation and drive business growth.

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We have been working with internal and external stakeholders to develop a community siting framework, which will help guide our siting process, identify areas where we can improve, and create a more consistent and open process to help us meet community expectations.

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From disaster relief to employee volunteerism and community support, we have been supporting local community needs for many years. Now we are working to formalize our processes, strengthen our focus, and create better systems to have greater impact.

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