Nestlé Waters

Rethinking materials and packaging design

Like every consumer good, our products have an environmental impact. In recent years, we have assessed our packaging and identified design and material changes that have reduced our footprint.

As we look to the future, we anticipate that certain natural resources will be less abundant and more closed-loop processes will be needed. We believe that there will also be the need to explore and incorporate more alternative packaging materials, including recycled plastics and/or bio-plastics made from renewable materials, into our products.

To prepare for these changes, we must understand the full life-cycle impacts of our products and packaging – from sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging through distribution and end of use. Assessments of these impacts have and will continue to help us identify opportunities to reduce our use of materials, eliminate waste, and repurpose recycled materials that are in their second life.

Assessing our footprint and using less material

Target 9: Complete a comprehensive assessment of our materials and packaging footprint by 2011, and use findings to make future waste reductions and promote second-life use

New life for recycled bottles

Target 10: Develop “next generation” bottles made from 100% recycled or renewable material by 2020