Nestlé Waters

Goals and Targets Overview 2010

For each of our three strategic focuses, we have set three long-term goals and specific short-term targets that will help us meet these goals.

Be a leader in sustainable water stewardship practices

Target 1: Enhance our water stewardship practices by partnering with local communities and stakeholders to support up to two watershed improvement projects per year (2011-2015)

Target 2: Optimize water use ratios by product type over 2009 levels

Exceed regulatory requirements for quality and transparency

Target 3: Add language to labels about how to access our water quality reports (2011)

Target 4: Continue to advocate for federal standards on public disclosure of source, quality, and process reporting for bottled water (2011)

Advocate for water as essential to human and environmental health

Target 5: Continue efforts to educate and encourage citizens to reduce their average annual caloric intake from beverages

Target 6: Increase the reach of water education through support and engagement with leading water education entities

Lead our industry in advancing policies to capture and reuse every beverage container produced

Target 7: Lead our industry in a shared commitment to increase U.S. recycling rates to 60% for PET beverage bottles by 2018. In Canada, recycle 85% of the bottles we produce.

Target 8: By 2015, recycle 97% of the solid waste generated in our administrative offices, direct delivery branches, and plant facilities

Ensure the materials we use are designed for recyclability

Target 9: Complete a comprehensive assessment of our materials and packaging footprint by 2011, and use findings to make future waste reductions and promote second-life use

Target 10: Develop next generation bottles made from 100% recycled or renewable material by 2020

Continuously reduce our carbon intensity and aim for 100% renewable energy

Target 11: Continue to reduce our carbon intensity across our full value chain through efficiency, as well as by indentifying short- and long-term opportunities for deploying renewable energy sources in our operations. Based on findings, develop a multiyear development plan by 2012.

Be a preferred local employer providing quality jobs that contribute to local economic vitality

Target 12: Continue to provide a total compensation and benefits package for our employees that is in the 50th-75th percentile compared to local consumer product manufacturing companies

Target 13: Build on our diversity and inclusion strategy and accountability structure

Operate with transparency and engage with our local communities

Target 14: Use our new community siting framework developed with BSR, train relevant teams, and develop mechanisms for ongoing review of the framework

Help meet the needs of our local communities and those affected by disaster

Target 15: Roll out our new community support and employee volunteering guidelines by the end of 2011

Target 16: Track employee volunteering hours by 2012 and set a target for improvement in 2013

Target 17: In partnership with AmeriCares, the American and Canadian Red Cross, and others, continue to provide safe drinking water in times of need