Nestlé Waters

Reporting our progress on 2008 goals

In 2008, we established 28 goals to advance our citizenship initiatives and drive performance in the areas of water advocacy, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. We met 20 of these goals, and are on track to achieve the remaining eight goals by the set target dates.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Reduce carbon intensity by 20% across full value chain by 2013

LEED certification for all newly constructed plants by 2008

ISO 14001 certification for all manufacturing plants by 2010

Reduce water miles for HOD fleet by an additional 825,000 miles by 2010

Introduce 32 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and the first hybrid truck in HOD fleet by 2008

Introduce a zero-emissions HOD and service center delivery vehicle by 2015; upgrade 25% of these vehicles to zero emissions by 2020

Reduce HOD fleet particulate matter emissions by 36% and nitrous oxide emissions by 40% by 2013

Analyze and develop an action plan to minimize wastewater generation and use by 2009

Reducing and Reusing Packaging

Measure full life-cycle impact of our products to understand and prioritize future sustainability initiatives by 2011

Review all secondary packaging materials for reduction opportunities and/or recycled content potential by 2009

Develop and market bottle that incorporates up to 25% rPET by 2013

Develop next generation bottle made from 100% recycled or renewable material by 2020

Reduce plastic in half-liter bottles by an additional 15% and reduce plastic in all other PET bottles by 20% combined weight by 2010

Advance Recycling

Support the National Recycling Partnership's model city program and support municipal recycling programs by 2009

Recycle 90% in-factory solid waste stream by 2009 and 95% by 2010

Advance goal of 60% recycling rate for PET beverage bottles by 2018